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Guides to allegorical travels - R.L.'s Houseboat On the Styx [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Guides to allegorical travels [Nov. 19th, 2015|09:51 am]
From my comment at Arhyalon's latest Superversive guest post:

In TGD, your description of the passengers' reaction to the bus driver sounded like something out of Atlas Shrugged. ;-) I think there was more to the bus driver than that. His mysterious gesture of waving something away from his face turned up in a Charles Williams thriller too, and had something to do with Dante...?

Anyway, in TGD the bus driver had little to say; the narrator/guide role was MacDonald's. Where did Virgil do that (for Dante?) according to Williams. From a non-Inklings source, see Myers' Golias in Silverlock.

[User Picture]From: kalimac
2015-11-19 04:56 pm (UTC)
In CW's War in Heaven, it's Prester John in chapter 11: "Again his young opponent's upraised and open hand moved gently forward and downward, as if, like the Angel by the walls of Dis, he put aside the thick and noisome atmosphere of his surroundings."

The reference is to canto 9 of the Inferno:
one who came to us
Walking the water of Styx with unwet fet
His left hand, moving, fanned away the gross
Air from his face
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