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Lifting something from
that inspired me so much I just spent about an hour finding it again.

I'm not going to try to break down how the rest of the day constituted "work" but it led to me writing 2,300 words I'm proud of and can use so let's not go second-guessing it.. There's a great comment on my last status post by Sumana Harihareswara, one of those rare and powerful human beings who along with popelizbet deserves the title of Functional Muse (it's not so much that she inspires art as she enables it).

She tweeted the same sentiment at around the same time, but the full quote loses something when foreshortened to 140 characters:

"So the trick is not being disciplined about work -- that is ineffective, exhausting, and dispiriting -- but being disciplined about the habit that tricks us into working."

Words to live by. And it gives me a happy feeling because that's what the bulk of my plan for the month is.

I'm not holding myself to a commitment to write a certain volume of entertaining prose, as much as I'm holding myself to a commitment to live my life in a way in which that will happen anyway.

Now back to find the previous entry she's talking about.

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